Wheelchair Accessible Van Sales

If you are in need of a wheelchair accessible vehicle but don’t know where to start, call us today and we’ll assist you in every way possible. We know how expensive mobility vans can be so we try our best to help our customers get financial aid along with finding all the mobility rebates that apply to them. We also have a great mobility program for Veterans.

We understand that no two people are exactly the same and that each individual has their own unique needs and desires. So, as a team, we work with each and every one of our customers to create and provide the best vehicle and products necessary to ensure greater freedom and independence.

In stock we try to ensure that we have multiple new and used wheelchair vans in every make, model, and style to guarantee that we help our customers find the best vehicle for them! Not only do we have most make and models available (Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey, Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler Town & Country, Ford Transit, Ford Econoline – wheelchair van minivans & wheelchair full size vans) we have multiple conversion styles as well.

Wheelchair Accessible Conversions

The wheelchair accessible conversion vehicle styles we always have in stock are side entry wheelchair accessible vehicles and rear entry wheelchair accessible vehicles. We always try to have both in-floor accessible ramps and fold-out accessible ramps. Wheelchair accessible vans with lifts may also be available.

Side Entry Ramp
At the risk of stating the obvious, the side entry ramp deploys from the side of the van rather than the back. The side entry ramp is deployed after the power-operated door on the side of the van slides open. Ramps can be automatically activated or manually opened and closed. For maximum safety, a power ramp should have a manual override in case of a power failure. All AMS side entry ramps are automated, with a manual override, and operation by remote control or controls inside and outside the door.

A side ramp can present a problem if you park in a two-car garage or in a non-handicap-accessible parking space, because you won’t have enough room to deploy the ramp properly. That said, they work beautifully in handicap parking spaces and won’t require you to open the ramp into oncoming traffic.

Rear Entry Ramps
Usually less costly than a side ramp conversion, the rear entry ramp wheelchair van deploys from the back of the van and is typically better suited for the wheelchair user who prefers to sit in the middle or back of the vehicle. Manual operation is the standard for rear entry ramps, which accounts for the lower cost, but automated rear entry ramps are available.

Long-channel rear entry ramps can accommodate two wheelchair users in a minivan. Rear entry ramps can be hazardous in some parking situations if you have to deploy the ramp into a lane of traffic.

In-Floor Accessible Ramp vs Fold-Out Accessible Ramp

The Pros of The In-Floor Ramp:

  • With no ramp in the doorway, passengers who are not in wheelchairs can enter and exit the vehicle without having to deploy the ramp.
  • If you’d been bothered by the foldout ramp interfering with the front passenger seat reclining, that issue is eliminated with an in-floor ramp.
  • Out of sight, out of mind! An in-floor ramp is completely concealed, so the interior looks closer than ever to that of a standard Vehicle.

The Cons of The In-Floor Ramp:

  • The in-floor ramp has a slightly higher ramp angle compared to the foldout.
  • Deploying an in-floor ramp onto a high curb could be a problem.
  • An in-floor ramp may require more maintenance because the ramp tends to collect more debris.

The Pro’s of The Fold Out Ramp:

  • If you pull alongside a curb, it’s very easy to deploy a foldout ramp onto the sidewalk.
  • In the case of an emergency, a wheelchair user can always push a foldout ramp until it deploys.
  • Because the ramp is stored upright, less debris is able to get trapped and result in maintenance issues.
  • Compared to the in-floor option, the foldout conversions have a lower ramp angle

The Cons of The Fold Out Ramp:

  • Because the foldout ramp is housed in the doorway when stored, it takes up a small amount of interior space.
  • The ramp can limit the front passenger seat from fully extending in a reclined position.
  • In order to enter or exit on the ramp side of the vehicle, the ramp must be deployed.

Trade Ins

We will accept virtually any non-modified vehicles that are preferably under 10 years old with odometers at 100,000 miles or less. We also accept other converted mobility vehicle from VMI, Braun, Rollx, and, even an AMS converted handicap van.

All trade-in offers are based on a first hand inspection, and if a vehicle isn’t represented accurately, we reserve the right to withdraw the offer once the vehicle is personally inspected by our evaluator.