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Our goal for Bridgewater Mobility / Automotive Innovations of Bridgewater, Massachusetts, is to provide our customers with access to the best sales, service and repair of all the leading Bridgewater mobility wheelchair accessible vehicles, hand controls and devices that can offer them greater freedom and independence. We provide a full line of VMI, or Vantage Mobility International products, and we have a team of Certified Mobility Consultants who are always ready to help you learn about the benefits and features of Chrysler/Dodge, Ford, Honda, Toyota, handicap minivans, new and used wheelchair vehicles, Ricon lifts, and more.

We can help by recommending important features such as transfer seats. We have a wide variety of used and new wheelchair vans in stock and we accept trade in vehicles as well. All of our mobility vehicles offer tie downs and other important safety features as well as the ability to be easily upgraded with EZ Locks and other equipment.

Were a member of the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association in Bridgewater, MA. Whenever you contact one of our Certified Mobility Consultants, you can rest assured that you are contacting a professional team member who will always offer the highest quality service in the business. We adhere to the highest standards in the industry so that we can always provide our customers with the best service possible.

Bridgewater Mobility / Automotive Innovations of Bridgewater, Massachusetts, understands what your needs and desires are. Contact us today for a demonstration on what our vehicles and equipment can offer to help make your life more mobile and more convenient. Our Certified Mobility Consultants will be happy to answer all of your questions and will gladly take the time to discuss the handicapped accessible vehicles and options that you feel might be the best fit to meet and fulfill your mobility needs.

We been designing, engineering, selling and installing mobility equipment like hand controls, zero effort steering, servo steering, servo gas brake left foot gas pedals and installing them for more than 25 years.


Chrysler Mobility vans - Dodge Mobility Vans


The VMI Northstar on a Dodge Grand Caravan is the result of the progressive engineering approach at VMI. Vantage Mobility International has included a multitude of accessible features on these wheelchair conversion vehicles. Items like Power Kneel, power in-floor ramp, and remote control activation make them the perfect choice for disability transportation.

Dodge Grand Caravans with the VMI Northstar mobility van conversion represent wheelchair access taken to a whole new level. VMI Northstar wheelchair conversion vans have been around since 1993 and has always been a crucial element to Vantage Mobility International's product line.

Disabled access plays a major role in every aspect, from design to manufacturing. Featuring a power sliding passenger door and in-floor wheelchair ramp, the VMI Northstar handicap vehicle conversion is a great solution for disability travel.

The drive ability for a wheelchair user is one of the most vital components of the Dodge Grand Caravan with the VMI Northstar mobility conversion van. Simple installation of hand controls, transfer seat, or other mobility driving aid can transform the VMI Northstar equipped Dodge Grand Caravan into a disabled driving system.

Dodge in-floor ramp vans

VMI first developed the Northstar handicap van conversion in the early 1990's to meet customer preferences for increased interior space. To this day, the VMI Northstar on the Dodge Grand Caravan minivan remains one of the best mobility ramp vans in America. By sliding out of a space below the floor, the Northstar mobility ramp maximizes space inside the accessible vehicle. There are so many benefits of an in-floor wheelchair ramp, it is easily understood why its so popular.

Dodge Grand Caravan Mobility Summit Conversion Van

The Dodge Grand Caravan with VMI Summit mobility conversion van provides greater interior room than other folding mobility ramp vans. The exclusive Vantage Mobility International design allows for a folding wheelchair ramp system that creates this extra space.
For maximum security while entering the handicap vehicle conversion, side rails on the ramp have been raised 2 inches to prevent accidental roll-off. The entry angle of the ramp has also been reduced by the inclusion of Power Kneel.

VMI continues to distance themselves from their competition, and the VMI Northstar wheelchair vehicle conversion on a Dodge Grand Caravan continues this trend. VMI Summit mobility van conversion on the Dodge Grand Caravan minivan has played a major role in Vantage Mobility International's lineup for over 15 years. It is easy to see why because of the end-user access.

Dodge Grand Caravans offer a specific set of advantages over competitors wheelchair conversion vans. In fact, because the VMI Summit is available on the Express, Mainstreet, Crew, and R/T, there is a model that will work for almost any situation.

Special design configurations have been made in several areas of these wheelchair van conversions. The floor has been lowered 11 inches which provides 54" of headroom while entering. The front seating area has also been configured for disability access, meaning a disabled person can choose to ride in the front passenger position or even drive.

Dodge folding ramp vans

The Summit folding wheelchair ramp van conversion on a Dodge Grand Caravan is an economical choice compared to the popular Northstar in-floor handicapped ramp conversion from VMI. Summit mobility ramps utilize side rails that are 2 inches tall. This is especially important for those with a hard time navigating an incline. VMI Summit handicapped accessible van on the Dodge Grand Caravan also includes an industry best access ramp length of only 48”.

The short handicap ramp provides two key advantages to VMI customers. First, passengers can easily use the Dodge handle for the sliding door and switches because the handicapped ramp is not covering them. Second, users in wheelchairs have more room to move on and off the ramp when other vehicles park too close.

Chrysler Group Auto mobility Program

About the Program
Designed to help customers with permanent disabilities enter, exit and/or operate a new vehicle, Chrysler Group’s Auto mobility Program can help you do the things you love to do in life. And, we’ll help you hit the road in the style that suits you best. Our goal is to assist in lessening the financial burden of the cost associated with modifying your vehicle.

How the Program Works
When you buy or lease any new 2010, 2011, or 2012 Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram or Fiat vehicle from a participating dealership or FIAT studio, Chrysler will give you a cash reimbursement to help reduce the cost of installing the adaptive driver or passenger equipment on your vehicle. Leased vehicles must be leased for a minimum of 12 months to be eligible.

Once you have a 2010-2012 Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram or Fiat vehicle that fits your transportation needs, we can ensure that it can be adapted to meet your needs.


VMI / Tuscany Ford Full Size Wheelchair Vans

Why choose a full size Ford van for your mobility application? The answer is simple... if comfortable seating for up to seven passengers combined with a spacious "trunk" for all the things you take on the road are important to you a full size Ford mobility van is the only solution. Full size vans offer many optional accessories that make accessibility and comfort a seamless part of your everyday transportation routine.

Take a look beyond the surface of the full size van and you will see the clear advantages of the many optional adaptive features offered. A long list of options and the combined experience of two of the industry's leaders... imagine the possibilities for your next van.

Lowering the floor 6" allows the person using a wheelchair to remain seated at the appropriate height and offers a natural view from the interior of the van. Another benefit of a lowered floor over a raised roof is convenience in everyday driving and parking.

Tuscany's raised roof option allows for more headroom than a 6" lowered floor van plus additional overhead storage. Roof supports add structural integrity to the chassis to compensate for metal removed in the raised roof and raised door process.

Tuscany's raised roof with raised doors is ideal for those who sit higher in their wheelchair. The raised door allows for more height in the entryway of the van.

Front driver or passenger transfer seats swivel 90 degrees at the touch of a button, allowing you to transfer from your wheelchair to either front seat, quickly and easily. Six-way operation lets you make adjustments up, down, forward, back and rotation right and left.

Tuscany has joined forces with VMI, a manufacturer and distributor of the most reliable, highest quality and most easily accessible transportation in the world. VMI's mobility products enable consumers to travel with comfort, convenience and peace of mind. Combining winning technologies, our companies have joined together to better serve the growing and changing needs of the mobility consumer. Together we have produced the mobility industry's best in class full-size van conversions. Get complete information at the VMI (Vantage Mobility International) web site.

Full-Size Lowered Floor Vans
by Vantage Mobility International (VMI)
Automotive Innovations offers new VMI lowered floor Ford Full Size vans transformed to enable you to travel with comfort, convenience and peace of mind. Gently used 1-2 year old Ford E Series vans that are still under the Ford factory warranty and come with brand new Tuscany E Plus or Club conversions may also be available.

E Plus Series Full Size Handicap Vans
Ford E Plus full-size van conversions for wheelchair use provide comfort, flexibility and value, offering plenty of space and everything you want in a full-size mobility van, without the full-size price. The Premium Interior Package also offers Leather seating, wood accents and trim, and optionally, heated power lumbar seats and other features.



Honda Odyssey wheelchair accessible vans with the VMI Northstar handicap van conversion the industry's best side entry, lowered floor premium handicap vans for sale. The Honda Odyssey has earned many awards, including the IntelliChoice “Best Overall Van of the Year”. By taking the best-in-class minivan and modifying it with the finest wheelchair accessible conversion available, Mobility Sales provides the best of both worlds.

The Honda Odyssey provides a 244 horsepower engine as well as the exciting Honda engineering at its core. The Northstar wheelchair van has long been viewed as the leader in lowered floor handicap vans, in part, because with over 14 years of service it provides the highest level of quality and reliability.

With multiple seating options for wheelchair users in this great wheelchair van, you can take the whole family along. The Honda Odyssey with the VMI Northstar disability conversion floor plan provides the most available wheelchair maneuvering space of any premium handicap minivan available. No detail has gone overlooked, all the way down to the spare tire being stored in the driver's side wall of the rear hatch, leaving you even more cargo room behind the back seat of this mobility vehicle.

Honda Odyssey wheelchair vans have quickly become a top seller for VMI, in part due to their stylish appearance. However, there is more than meets the eye to these mobility van conversions, and wheelchair access in a Honda Odyssey minivan is unlike any other.

Honda Odyssey with VMI Northstar Conversion

The VMI Northstar wheelchair van conversion on Honda Odyssey minivans represents the newest evolution of handicap minivans from Vantage Mobility International. Most amenities originally in these minivans is retained, and a power in-floor wheelchair ramp and lowered floor form the foundation for one of the best wheelchair vehicles in America.

Honda in-floor ramp vans

To satisfy our customers’ needs for additional interior space and a clean, obstruction-free accessible vehicle interior, VMI pioneered the development of the Northstar in-floor wheelchair ramp system for the Honda Odyssey minivan. After almost two decades of refinement, the Northstar remains the most technologically advanced handicap ramp system on the market. Instead of taking up space inside the handicap vehicle, the Northstar wheelchair ramp simply rolls out from beneath the floor. When one considers the advantages of the Northstar in-floor wheelchair ramp system, there is no question why the Northstar is far and away VMI’s best-selling product.


Folding Ramp Wheelchair Vans

The goal was concise, the solution, expansive. The Summit handicap van conversion delivers space in an innovative way: through a uniquely powered fold-out wheelchair ramp that delivers more interior space than other competitors ramp van systems. For added safety, two inch side rails keep wheelchairs securely on track. Power Kneel™ technology provides ease of access by reducing the angle of the aluminum van ramp. Tumble forward third-row seating offers more storage space, form, function, and harmony. In maximizing the innovative design of our handicap minivan, we've put considerable space between our competitors and ourselves.

A power folding handicap ramp provides disability access in Honda Odyssey minivans converted with a VMI Summit handicap van conversion. Additional features like a lowered floor, removable seats, and power kneel are incorporated into these mobility vehicles to offer unprecedented wheelchair access for those who are disabled.

If you would like more information on this or other exciting Honda wheelchair vans, We have several Certified Mobility Consultants who would be glad to answer your questions. Contact us today at 508-697-6006 to learn how the Odyssey with the VMI Northstar handicap conversion van can open up your world to endless possibilities.


Toyota Mobility Sienna Minivan

The Toyota Sienna is known for its reliability and comfort, and it’s one of the most popular minivans on the market today. Because of this, VMI has taken the Sienna and added its VMI Northstar conversion to create one of the most exciting new lowered floor minivans around. This Toyota wheelchair van comes with lots of extra touches for your convenience and comfort, and it drives smoothly.

This solution is for persons with a severe disability, who are unable to get out of their wheelchair, and who wish to drive or ride in a vehicle while seated in their chair .

To allow sufficient headroom for people in a wheelchair, Sienna minivans go through an extensive conversion process which involves lowering the floor 11" – 12" to provide a 56" high door opening/interior height, and adding a ramp on the right side or in the rear of the minivan. With side entry conversions, the second row of seats is eliminated to provide room for wheelchair maneuvering and either one of the front seats can be removed to accommodate the wheelchair user
With rear entry conversions, the floor is lowered up the center of the vehicle to accommodate the transport of persons in a wheelchair. Toyota's Mobility Partner, BraunAbility is the world's largest converter of wheelchair accessible minivans, and offers Wheelchair Accessible Converted Sienna Ramp vans.

The conversion of a minivan for wheelchair access involves an extensive remanufacture of the vehicle, including the removal of the original vehicle floor and replacement with a lowered floor to increase headroom. In addition, a ramp for wheelchair access is added. This process requires the modification of several vehicle systems, including the relocation of the fuel tank and the exhaust, along with the elimination of most sound deadening materials. As a result, customers should not expect minivans converted for wheelchair access to have the same ground clearance or road noise suppression capability as an unmodified vehicle. Sienna

toyota sienna with vmi northstar conversion

PHOENIX, Ariz. –Sept 12, 2012 – Executives with Toyota Motor Sales, USA and Vantage Mobility International (VMI), a leader in the manufacture and distribution of wheelchair accessible vehicles, have signed an agreement authorizing VMI to convert the top-selling Toyota Sienna into a wheelchair accessible minivan using the patented Northstar in-floor ramp system. The agreement was executed on August 23, 2012, in Torrance, California. VMI will begin accepting consumer orders for a limited number of the 2012-2013 model Toyota Sienna VMI Northstar minivan conversions through authorized VMI mobility dealers beginning October 1.

“We’re pleased to have established a partnership with Toyota Motor Sales, USA,” said Doug Eaton, president and CEO of VMI. “Toyota has earned a reputation for leading in customer loyalty, which is why our customers have wanted VMI to offer a Toyota Sienna for years. This agreement will give them the Toyota that they’ve dreamed about.”

Toyota Mobility, a group within Toyota Motor Sales USA, is committed to providing solutions that serve the mobility needs of consumers to enhance their quality of life. Toyota began providing mobility solutions in 2001. This is the first time that Toyota and VMI have worked together.

“True to our brand promise, Toyota Mobility is focused on providing our customers with ‘More Options, Less Compromise’. Therefore, we are very excited about the opportunity we now have with VMI as another conversion solution for the Toyota Sienna”, said Mark Oldenburg, national fleet marketing, mobility and strategic planning manager. “We’re also confident that our customers will be pleased once they see and experience the new Toyota Sienna with the VMI Northstar conversion.”

Toyota in-floor ramp vans

The all new Toyota Sienna with a VMI Northstar wheelchair van conversion is vehicular perfection for people living with disability. The Toyota Sienna handicap accessible van with a power in-floor ramp offers the most wheelchair access in a flexible package. And like everything from Toyota, the quality and value are unmatched.

The VMI Northstar handicap van engineers put together the Access360 performance package through years of research and experience that have accumulated into the most versatile mobility van on the market. There is more entry space, more interior height, and better aesthetics. It all adds up to Toyota Sienna wheelchair vans that offers flexibility, ease of use, and safety.

Pre Order the converted Toyota Sienna at your Toyota Mobility Dealer, Automotive Innovations in Bridgewater, MA today!


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